Monday, January 01, 2007

The random rambles of J EX - Twilight princess review

I thought the EX would make it sound really cool. Guess I failed on that one. This here is my review of Twilight princess. It was originally part of Random ramble #6, but it would've been far too long and I was in no way looking to put out another 90 minute snoozefest. So I decided I'd let this review fly solo. I had put out a written review out of this game on my blog some time ago, so I didn't want those who had checked my blog to have to sit through what is essentially the exact same review, only with me talking through it.

I can't promise you'll find this interesting, but I can promise you it is spoiler free.

Twilight princess review

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  1. J!

    You need to let a pimp know when you drop these things!

    I stumbled on this by sheer luck!

  2. Fucking hell J! Is it my Northern sensibilities?, Is it cos I'm gassed? Is it cos I'm massively jealous about the technological abilities of your blogging output? Am I just fumbling around in the darkness?
    Is it cos I've been playing seasonal 'Guess Who' games?
    Or are you Trevor Fucking Nelson?
    On the "Down Low"...


    Cos yer Cockerney accent makes you sound like that particular sprite...

    He he!!! PS Gnomey Womey!! genius!!!

    Will refer to him as such for the rest of the year!!!

  3. Aarif7:12 PM

    good review

  4. Oooooo! I love me some Guess who?! Ask me if I'm wearing a hat!

  5. We got a Wii!!!
    Judy stood in line in the cold for 40 mins this Sunday AM at Circuit City. No problem getting one. She was second in line, but transaction finished first. Got extra wiimote, plus WarioWare, Zelda and Rayman Rabbids.
    WiiPlay is out on the 14th, so that'll include the 3rd wiimote. So I only have to buy 1 extra and the family is sorted.
    I haven't played yet. I set up the WiFi, updated, and installed Opera browser. The missus and the girls played. I did get a Mii set up. My turn to play is when they all go to work/school on Monday.
    Nintendo has made one heck of a comeback.
    DS rocking the handheld market.
    Wii doing similar for the consoles.
    Proving it is not all about brute force, more about ingenuity, style, design and above all FUN.
    Looking forward to the next RRoJ.